Spring Cleaning Your Social Feeds

Clear Away the Hurdles and Get Marketing

Spring flowers
It may have started a month ago, but it really feels like it now

Spring is very much in bloom here in New York.  I notice that as the daylight hours grow longer I am so much more productive.  That said, I am THE WORST procrastinator – especially when there are so many distractions literally growing outside my window.

This is when I most need to take my own advice.  I spend hours each week teaching offices about the benefits of having a plan for their social marketing. Having a calendar that spells out your plan for each month and quarter means that we don’t get to April 30th and say, “Oh shoot!  I haven’t posted all month!”

Spring (Q3 specifically) is a great time to clear out the cobwebs and get that calendar sorted out. There are so many things to focus on:

spring flowers
I just love this quote
  • Easter
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Weddings
  • Graduations

April alone gives us Hygienist’s Week and Administrative Professionals Day. (You Docs and CDA’s got March)

Besides the obvious days that salute our teams, Spring has great events to which we can tie our services. Weddings are great opportunities for cosmetic services – and remember, it’s not just the bride who wants to look great.  This is a great time of year to promote whitening, so as you plan your posts remember to include your services among the fun.  Make at least one blog post this quarter about whitening.  Have whoever in your practice teaches your patients how to load their trays make a video about it for YouTube.  Then make sure to link to that blog and video on your social platforms.  This ensures consistent messaging and that no matter where patients interact with you, they will hear what you have to say.  Think about what other services you offer that fit this model, and add those to your calendar.  Tidying up your plan truly does make it easier.

Remember, having a plan is the first step toward being successful.

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It’s Spring – Can You Hear All the Tweeting?

More Reasons to Use the “Other” Social Platform

It’s easy to lose site of Twitter in your social marketing mix.

  • It doesn’t have the 2.32 Billion monthly active users of Facebook (Facebook 1/30/19)
  • It doesn’t have all the curated images and catchy #hashtags of Instagram
  • It’s not conveniently linked like those two – post once, see it twice!
twitter birds on a phone line
All the little birdies agree – You can say it on Twitter

Twitter also got a tough rap over the last couple of years as a place for “movements” and politics, which made some businesses think it wasn’t the place to market.  I’m here to tell you that Twitter is alive and well, and a necessary part of your social marketing mix.  Here’s the latest data from the folks at Twitter and Pew to see how well used the platform is every day:

  •  Twitter had 321 million monthly active users as of the end of 2018. (source: Twitter)
  •  21% of Twitter’s monthly active users are in the United States – that’s almost 70 million (source: Twitter)
  •  73% of Twitter users also use Instagram. (source: Pew Research Center)
  •  Approximately 46% of Twitter users are on the platform every day. (source: Pew Research Center)
  •  Twitter’s global average time per visit is just over 9 minutes.
  •  Tweets that include hashtags can result in as much as a 1,065% increase in engagement compared to a similar tweet without hashtags.
  •  The 😂 emoji is the most frequently used emoji on Twitter, having been used 2.3 billion times since 2013. Coming in 2nd is ❤️

Pictures Aren’t Just for Instagram

Yes, you only have 280 characters to be witty and wonderful, but what you also have is the ability to supplement your thoughts with images.  Tweets accompanied by a photo receive 89% more likes, and 35% of retweets come with a photo. Posts with photos stand out in a feed, so be sure that you don’t simply share from Instagram which only creates a link to your Insta account.  Either post separately with the image, or use a program like IfThisThenThat so that images are native in your feed.  When sharing a graph, statistic or table, the image can speak for you so that 280 character limit doesn’t cramp your message.

Remember, if it’s good enough for Instagram and Facebook, it should be on Twitter too!

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