Happy Holidays!

I’m hoping that this finds each of you enjoying the season.  For some of my clients I know that means a “frigid” 70 degrees, while others are seeing the first snowflakes.  It’s one of the things I love about what I do: the diversity of the people I meet.  Though it would be nice to see everyday, I hope that in the spirit of this season we can all appreciate the magnificent patchwork of humanity.

So whatever it is you celebrate this time for year, I hope that you get to do it with those you love and treasure.  I also hope we can all make time to do something kind for someone who has not been as fortunate as we are.

WorkingCat will be taking the holidays off, so we will be back here on January 2nd ready to take on the next exciting year.  If you need us, you know where to reach us.

A very Happy New Year to everyone!!