Does Your Blog Sing?

Are You Writing Music?

I know, I know – writing a blog every week or two can be a drag.

  • What to write about?
  • Who’s going to write it?
  • Who’s even reading it? (Is this thing on??)

As healthcare professionals we often think the main purpose of our blog is to educate.  I’ll give you that educating patients is a noble pursuit and definitely in the top 2-3 things your blog should do. But it’s main purpose is to engage.  I could have copied the text of this image and explained all the fun out of it, but Gary’s right, and music is better experienced first hand.

So yeah, MY word count is only 159, but Gary played for you so you could work to improve your writing, and engage your patients.  That’s good stuff.

If you need help with your blog or any area of practice marketing we’d love to hear from you.  Hailing frequencies open.

See you on the internet!

Less Artificial, More Intelligent, Please

I am a huge fan of working smarter not harder, but sometimes “intelligent” solutions leave me cold.  I’d like to talk about two places where automation is taking a strong hold in dental practices.  Having spent some time at the Autumn trade shows I got to interview a number of these service providers both old and new, and came away with a few thoughts and recommendations.

artificial intelligence

Patient Communication

This is one of the places where automation first took hold in our industry and it’s here to stay.  A number of studies have even suggested that patients prefer to get reminders via text or email rather than with a phone call – regardless of age.  We also know this frees up a huge amount of time spent by your admin team making those calls.

The good news is that most of these services are “plug and play” and the better ones fully integrate with your practice management software.  Were it my practice, I would definitely utilize one of these, with a few requirements:

  • The ability to customize my messages rather than some of the stock texts that are out there.
  • Anytime access to my schedule in case a patient contacts me
  • Excellent customer care and training for my team.

WorkingCat is happy to connect you with some of our preferred providers who have passed our tests and take care of our clients

Social Media

Here is where artificial gets in the way of intelligence.  Let’s first remember why we started social media feeds for our practice in the first place – to engage with patients.  If a company is posting generic content to your feeds, who are you engaging?  While automated social posting can be a big help if you and your team are just too harried/bored/uninterested, it can’t be your only source of content.  If you are going to use one of these services, you MUST participate in your social presence.

  • Make sure that you can steer the topics to match your messaging
  • Ask them to post YOUR pictures/events – or post those yourself
  • Remember to respond to patient comments in our feeds
  • Be sure that all password/logins/admin rights are YOURS – you don’t want to have to rebuild if you discontinue their service

As we head into the brave new world of 2019, let’s stay connected, stay engaged, and make smart choices in how we communicate our brand promise.

See you on the internet!